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The History Race is an historical gig race first raced in 1880, when Captain Hare, owner of the gig Swift, challenged the gig Siren to race for the princely sum of £1. It was to be from the Appledore dock buoy to the Middleridge buoy and back. It started fairly evenly but as the race progressed, Siren edged into a lead, eventually finishing 10 lengths ahead of Swift with a time of 28 minutes, 30 seconds. To keep the name and race alive Appledore took ownership of a training gig in 2008 and named her Swift; the race is now an annual event.

In 2014, the Appledore History Race was won by the Ilfracombe gig crew in their boat, Rapparee.

Results and times:

1 Raparee (Ilfracombe) 32'20"
2 Will to Win (Torridge) 34'15"
3 Verbena (Appledore) 35'40"
4 Whitford (Appledore) 37'50"
5 Oarsome (Torridge) 38'50"
6 Nipper (Barnstaple) 39'45"
7 Leah C (Clovelly) 43'00"
8 Margaret James (Appledore) 44'10"
9 Lady Freda (Barnstaple) 45'50"
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