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Clovelly Gig Boat Regatta is a regular annual event with several pilot gig boat clubs in attendance. The 2013 regatta took place on a very wet day in August but the gig crews battled on despite the bad weather to produce some fantastic rowing action.
Clovelly Regatta 2013_5008Clovelly Regatta 2013_4981Clovelly Regatta 2013_4942Clovelly Regatta 2013_4915Clovelly Regatta 2013_4907Clovelly Regatta 2013_4905Clovelly Regatta 2013_4896Clovelly Regatta 2013_4886Clovelly Regatta 2013_4883Clovelly Regatta 2013_4874Clovelly Regatta 2013_4870Clovelly Regatta 2013_4868Clovelly Regatta 2013_4866Clovelly Regatta 2013_4865Clovelly Regatta 2013_4863Clovelly Regatta 2013_4861Clovelly Regatta 2013_4853Clovelly Regatta 2013_4858Clovelly Regatta 2013_4850Clovelly Regatta 2013_4849