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In 1899, unable to launch his lifeboat, the 'Louisa', due to bad weather, Coxswain Jack Crowcombe led his crew on a heroic journey of 13 miles across Exmoor. They pulled the Louisa to Porlock where they were able to launch the boat and rescue the crew of the stricken vessel, the 'Forrest Hall'.

To commemorate the 160th birthday of Jack Crowcombe, local film maker and businessman Ken Blakey has made a 25 minute documentary presented by fellow local businessman, Russ Meyers, and a wonderfully animated film, 'The Journey of the Louisa' which premiered in Lynmouth on 11 April 2014.

At the premiere were representatives of Flat Broke Films Ltd, including director Simon J Miller who will be directing a feature film about the Louisa. Filming is due to start in early October on location in Lynmouth. Also in attendance was actress Emily Baxter who will play the lead role of Daisy in the film.
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