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A ancient celtic longboat, known as a currach, has been recreated during a week long project and launched from Minehead harbour in Somerset. The currach is thought to have been used for crossings between Wales and the Somerset coast from around 400AD.
Currach boat in Minehead_1685Currach boat in Minehead_1686Currach boat in Minehead_1693Currach boat in Minehead_1696Currach boat in Minehead_1697Currach boat in Minehead_1704Currach boat in Minehead_1714Currach boat in Minehead_1722Currach boat in Minehead_1724Currach boat in Minehead_1726Currach boat in Minehead_1727Currach boat in Minehead_1732Currach boat in Minehead_1733Currach boat in Minehead_1734Currach boat in Minehead_1737Currach boat in Minehead_1745Currach boat in Minehead_1747Currach boat in Minehead_1749Currach boat in Minehead_1752Currach boat in Minehead_1753