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Driving along the A352 looking for something to shoot I noticed some cars in a field. Curious to find out what was happening I pulled in and found an Autograss meet about to start. The man in charge, Craig Robinson owner of the Bourne Raceway, was happy for me to stay and take some photos.

It was wet and muddy but it was also the most fun I'd had with my camera for a long time.

Thank you to Craig and all the racers for making me feel welcome.
Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0684Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0685Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0687Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0692Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0693Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0696Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0697Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0702Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0708Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0711Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0714Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0715Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0718Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0721Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0724Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0727Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0732Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0735Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0738Bourne Raceway-Sep10-2017_HOB_0741