I was born and raised in Devon but for the last 25 years I have been living and working in Somerset on the edge of Exmoor. Whilst the area I live in lends itself to landscape photography, I find the people who live and work here to be more photographically inspiring. 

The work of James Ravilious is a constant reminder for me of the importance of capturing the everyday of rural life, and his example has helped to form the basis of my own documentary work.

My first book, 'Flags over Dolton', records the celebrations in Dolton during the Diamond Jubilee of 2012 and was a special project for me as Dolton was the home and subject of James Ravilious. His widow, Robin Ravilious, was kind enough to write the foreword to accompany the book.

The Diamond Jubilee was celebrated around Britain in many different ways, from the river Thames pageant to smaller, but equally patriotic, street parties. One such community celebration took place in Dolton, North Devon. Dolton is a village with a long history of bringing its people together to mark national occasions and is also steeped in photography, being the home and subject for many years of James Ravilious. Although this book covers the events between the 1st-5th June 2012 in Dolton, it reflects how many communities came together to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee away from the main London festivities, and demonstrates the true community spirit that still exists in Britain today.

(preview image quality is deliberately lower than the printed book)