We all have them, photos that don't really fit into any gallery. These are mine.
Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2339Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2343Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2340Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2342Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2354Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2357Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2359Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2371Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2358Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2345Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2347Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2353Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2346Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2367Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2376Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2378Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2362Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2344Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2264Exmoor Sep 2017_HOB_2267

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